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NSP 9’2″ Coco Mat SUP

The NSP 9’2″ Coco Mat Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is designed as a surf specific performance board. It caters to skilled paddlers and surfers looking to add a forgiving, yet highly maneuverable SUP to their quiver.

Product Description

The first thing you’ll notice about this board is the continuous curve in the plan shape. This allows the board to fit nicely into the face of the wave, while enhancing maneuverability and promoting smooth transitions from rail to rail.

Generous width in the nose, combined with a rounded tail, and the tapered outline in the back half of the board, provides some stability in bumpy conditions, but more importantly allows the paddler to comfortably shift their weight forward as they stroke into waves and then maintain a very responsive feel once surfing.

An even foil from nose-to-tail is complimented by a rolled deck and medium rail volume. This further adds to the sensitivity of this board and allows the execution of more critical turns on steeper sections.

The 4 + 1 fin configuration, along with a single-to-double concave into vee bottom, completes the design package and serves to marry speed, control and maneuverability.

Produced in our revolutionary Coco Mat construction, the NSP 9’2″ Coco mat SUP is one of the lightest, strongest, and most responsive boards on the market. Approx board weight: 8.2kg/18lbs

All NSP Coco Mat SUP’s come with fins, a leash, carry handle, and a full-length deck grip.




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