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    We offer our Intro to stand up paddle surfing which will give you an excellent foundation into the sport and teach you the skills needed to get started. You will learn the basics in a calm area of the Noosa river, then put that knowledge into practice by exploring the beautiful natural surroundings of the Noosa river system. If the conditions are right you may have the opportunity to tackle some waves!


    In a typical lesson you will learn the following: paddle standing up, proper stroke, control board direction, using paddle to keep stable ,using paddle to keep from fallingstep back on tail,  lift nose, sweeping strokes on one side, front side turn, back side turn and safety,

    you will become familiar with:  equipment, paddle length, pickup and carry surfboard, basic paddle stroke, basic paddle turn, paddle on knees, how to stand up,where to stand up and parallel stance.

    Phone 0412 175 217, or fill the form below to book a lesson today!        $50 per person

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    History of Stand up Paddle Surf

    The biggest myth going around is that stand-up paddle is an ancient Hawaiian ritual. Captain James Cook didn’t see it in the 18th century, Robert Louis Stevenson didn’t see it in the 19th century and Jack London didn’t see it at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Cook did report in his journal watching a canoeist catch a wave sitting down in Tahiti, and many of the early observers of Polynesian watermen may have seen canoe paddlers stand up to paddle across shallow reefs in search of fish to spear.
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